To enhance the safety and supervision of our youngest members and guests, RESC has a wristband system for all children under the age of 16.

Those under 16 MUST wear a yellow RESC wristband – signifying that they have passed a basic swim test – to be allowed into the main pool area. The main pool area is the diving well and the other “laned” section of the pool that runs from 3 feet in the shallow end near the bathhouse to 5 feet on the opposite side of the pool.

Those under 16 who wish to enter the water but do not have a wristband must stay behind the rope in the lagoon area or the kiddy pool — unless they are with a parent/guardian or swim instructor who is in within an arm’s length of the child.

RESC recognizes that some of our youngest swimmers who have not been in the water since the previous summer might have some catching up to do with their swim skills at the beginning of each summer season. For this reason, every child 10 years of age and younger must take the swim test at the beginning of each season, even if they passed the test the previous year.

For visiting camps that have wristband policies and sufficient supervision, RESC will recognize their color-coded wristband rules. RESC lifeguards should enforce the rules as they would our own wristband policy.

Swim tests will be given by a lifeguard during the 15-minute “rest” periods that begin at 45 minutes after the hour, also known as adult swim. Those taking the test are required to swim one length (25 meters) and then tread water in the deep end for 30 seconds.

The office will keep a log of those who pass the test and earn a wristband. If a wristband is lost, a replacement may be purchased for $3. No cash is required: A family member will sign for the new wristband and the family will be billed.

Those who do not pass the swim test will not be allowed to take it again the same day and will be encouraged to take swim lessons, which are available from RESC lifeguards and swim coaches, and through various programs in Montgomery County. Among them:

  • Kennedy-Shriver Aquatic Center (240-777-8070)
  • Rockville Swim Center (240-314-8750)
  • YMCA of Bethesda/Chevy Chase (301-530-8500)
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