1.     Parents must monitor their children’s behavior.  Lifeguards are posted around the pool in case there is an emergency and to help prevent risky behavior, but parents and guardians are our first line of defense in keeping our kids safe.

2.     Parents of young children should make sure they know their children’s whereabouts in the pool.  Such parents also should have their kids wear brightly colored swim gear (rather than white, gray or light blue) that can be seen easily when the child is underwater.

3.     Parents should instruct their children and guests to observe all rules and obey the instructions of the lifeguards. 

4.     You MUST listen to the lifeguards.  They know the rules and are just trying to protect our members.  Safety is their first priority.  If you or your child does not listen to the lifeguards, you will be asked to get out of the pool.

5.     All members and guests should limit conversations with lifeguards who are in guard chairs, to avoid distracting the guards from watching the pool.  If you confront the guards or purposefully distract them while they are in the chair, you may be asked to leave the pool. 

6.     Do not come to the pool if you have any COVID symptoms.

7.     No running on the pool deck

8.     No children in the pool during adult swim.

9.     Everyone in the deep end under the age of 16 must have passed the swim test and have an RESC wristband on, unless they are with a parent/guardian who is within an arm’s length of the child.

10.    No floatation devices may be used in the pool either for swimming assistance or otherwise, except on designated raft nights.

11.    Kickboards should not be used as floatation devices.

12.    Patrons are not allowed to flip from the sides of the pool or perform any other stunts from the side of the pool.  They can hit their heads or otherwise hurt themselves.

13.    Patrons are not allowed to sit, stand or launch off of anyone’s shoulders at the pool (head, neck, back injuries and possible impacts with others).

14.    Patrons are not allowed to throw other patrons into the pool.

15.    No breath holding contests at the pool.

16.    No pretending to drown.

17.    No roughhousing or riding on shoulders in the water.

18.    Patrons are not allowed to swim over the top or pull/push on the rope nearest to the lagoon. 

19.    No glass containers are allowed on the property.

20.    Use of illicit drugs, firearms, or fireworks on pool property is prohibited.

21.    Alcoholic beverages in any form are prohibited on pool grounds except for special occasions specifically authorized by the Board.

22.    No food or drinks may be consumed on the pool deck.  Food and drinks should be consumed only in the grassy areas or on the blacktop.

23.    Chewing gum is not allowed in the pool.

24.    There is no lost and found this year (germs, breeding grounds for bacteria).  

25.    The playground and basketball court are off limits this year.



1.     Quaranteaming does not apply at the pool:  Quaranteaming is where you agree to be in an exposure pod with other people.  IT DOES NOT APPLY AT THE POOL. The Montgomery County Health Department has been unequivocal that the only recognized quarantine unit at the pool is people living in your household.

2.     No bunching up in the pool:  Parents, it is your responsibility to make sure that your kids are not bunched up together and on top of each other in the pool.  

3.     You MUST wear a mask if you are with 6 feet of people not in your household.

4.     You MUST be 6 feet away from people in the pool that you are not in the same household with.



1.     Members entering the pool must wear a mask.  Access will be denied if you are not wearing a mask.  

2.     Members must be registered prior to entering the pool. 

3.     Members must stand on the yellow caution tape when they are being checked in.



1.     One patron is allowed on the diving board at a time.

2.     Patrons are not allowed to double bounce on the diving board.  You can easily injure yourself doing this.

3.     Patrons are not allowed to hang from the diving boards. 

4.     Patrons are not allowed to wear goggles on the diving boards.  When the patrons impact the water the goggles can hurt their faces or fall off in the well.  Also, sometimes kids can’t retrieve goggles that have fallen to the bottom of the pool. 

5.     No sitting on the diving boards.  

6.     Patrons must jump straight out from the boards and exit at the ladders.  No exits on the side of the pool or hanging out in the diving well. Patrons in the well must swim to the ladders after going off the diving boards. 

7.     Patrons are not allowed to “catch” their children when their children want to jump off the board.  They can sit on the gutters near the diving board.  They cannot be in front of the board or on the wall in the well.

8.     Patrons must stand on the X’s marked on the deck.  This ensures they are properly distanced.

9.     There is NO open well this year

10.    Nobody is allowed in the well for swimming when the diving boards are in use.

11.    Diving is allowed only from the diving boards.  Do not dive or attempt flips into shallower water, such as the lap lanes or the 5-feet-deep water on the side of the pool opposite the pool house.



1.     Only one person is allowed on the slide at all times.  No exceptions for parents carrying infants or children.  Additionally, they cannot place their child halfway up the slide and let them slide down. This is dangerous!

2.     Patrons must stand on the X at the entrance to the slide until the there is no one on the slide.

3.     Patrons are not allowed to sit or stand on the bottom of the slides.

4.     Patrons must be clear of the bottom of the slide before anyone can use the slide.

5.     Patrons must remain feet first on their backs or bottoms at all times when using the slide.



1.     There can only be one person in the lap lane at a time.  No exception for families.  Patrons must keep the 6-foot radius from any patron outside of the lap lane, hence one person in the lap lane.  Two people in the lane does not allow for proper distancing. 

2.     Patrons are not allowed to jump the lap lane or cut through it (social distancing and physical safety). 

3.     Patrons are only allowed 30 minutes in the lap lane this year.  Other people must be allowed to use it.

4.     Patrons must stay off the lap lane ropes at all times. 


Summer 2020

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