Here are some things we’d like you and your family to keep in mind to help keep everyone safe at RESC this season:

Supervision of children
  1. Parental supervision is the most important factor in keeping our younger members and guests safe in the water. It is a parent or guardian’s responsibility to supervise their children during pool visits. Lifeguards are posted around the pool in case there is an emergency and to help prevent risky behavior, but parents and guardians are our first line of defense in keeping our kids safe.
  2. Those under age 16 who wish to enter the water but do not have an RESC wristband (indicating they have passed the swim test) must stay behind the rope in the lagoon area or the kiddy pool – unless they are with a parent/guardian or swim instructor who is within an arm’s length of the child.
  3. Parents of young children should make sure they know their children’s whereabouts in the pool. Such parents also should have their kids wear brightly colored swim gear (rather than white, gray or light blue) that can be seen easily when the child is underwater.

On deck/lap lanes

  1. Kickboards should not be used as flotation devices.
  2. No floatation devices may be used in the pool either for swimming assistance or otherwise, except on designated raft nights.
  3. Diving is allowed only from the diving boards. Do not dive or attempt flips into shallower water, such as the lap lanes or the 5-feet-deep water on the side of the pool opposite the pool house.
  4. All members and guests should limit conversations with lifeguards who are in guard chairs, to avoid distracting the guards from watching the pool.
  5. Those using the lap lanes should be considerate of fellow swimmers and observe accepted rules for lap lane etiquette.

**When passing another swimmer in the lap lane, tap the other swimmer’s foot lightly one time. This will signal to that swimmer to stop at the next wall and let you pass. If you are the swimmer being passed, please make sure you stop at the next wall, not in the middle of the lane, and let the other swimmer pass. Do not try to speed up to prevent the swimmer from passing you.

**When the lap lane is in use, do not sit on the edge of the lane or stand against the wall, blocking swimmers from being able to do turns.

**If there are more than two people in the lap lane they should “circle swim,” which means swimming up on one side of the lane and back on the other side.

**Some swimmers like to jog or walk down the lanes, rather than swim. If you would like to “aqua jog,” please do so alongside (outside) the lap lane, which is designated for lap swimming.


Now that all that’s out of the way, here’s to a safe and fun summer at RESC!

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